Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tropical Trance

YAY! I am so happy that I was able to finish this before our big scrapbook shopping trip today!

This sketch is from The Scrappiest #114. I was hoping to finish this last night, but who could resist an invitation to dinner from an old friend?? Especially when it's pizza!!! Which, by the way, makes a great breakfast too... :)

My daughter loves going to Navy Pier to the Crystal Gardens and just watching the waterfalls and flowers. Until she sees a it's totally meltdown time! Which is really hysterical....just saying...I need video of her

These were all miscellaneous papers from the scrap box. The flowers are also from "The Drawer of a Million Flowers I Will Probably Never Use Up".

Scrap Our Stash is having a May Challenge to use up some flowers from the stash. Since I have gazillions to choose from, this was an easy challenge...until it came time to choose the pictures. Yesterday I was able to get out and take some Spring pictures with my daughter, but of course, they are still on the camera. So I decided it had to be the tropical flowers instead of spring.

My proudest achievement was the title. I used a set of Thickers letters. I was down to the bare minimum and was able to cut, chop, slice, and piece together all the right letters. I used up quite a few numbers and "q"'s and "j"'s. I didn't have to break down and wait to buy a new set! Of course, I will pick up new ones today...but that doesn't count.....

Happy Sunday!!!!

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  1. Wnedy this is so pretty! i love the flowers you added.
    Thanks for playing along at The Scrappiest!