Sunday, March 7, 2010

couture Cardstock Challenge - March 7th:

Today's challenge was to finish scrapping something you have been procrastinating.  A few years ago, a group of friends and I were lucky enough to attend CKU - Chicago.  We were super excited about the whole weekend.  We spent WEEKS planning, packing, shopping, chatting....
The day finally arrived....and that's when things seemed to fall apart.  Some arrived too late for us to participate in the team activities (stuff we had planned and prepared for).  Some decided they wanted to be in total control of everything (where we eat and when).  Some just didn't care to participate in anything we had worked hard for (but didn't decide that until we were there).  They always say that if you really want to get to know a person, go on vacation with them.  That was never so true before.  We were only together for 3 days!!  But those 3 days were the end to many friendships.  These group pictures were the last ones taken of all of us together.  Some we never heard from again....some we are slowly making contact with again.  
Scrapping these pictures was really hard because everytime I looked at them, I didn't want to think about the drama that unfolded that weekend.  There were faces I didn't want to see in my scrapbooks. was an experience that I will only be able to do once.  So I had the pictures printed, put them in a box and ignored them for 4 years.  So while scrapping, I focused on the positive and blocked out the negative.  We were all smiling in these pictures.  We did have a good front of the camera.  It's behind the scenes that ruined years of friendships.  Oh well....the pages are done.  I remembered the good fun we had!  The contests we lost!  The people we met!  And I can lock this album away if I want to!  I have lots more pictures to work with, but we are off to a birthday party!  So at least I got a really good start!

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