Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Couture Cardstock Challenge - March 10th

Today in Chicago, it was 60 degrees and sunny!!! Come on Spring!! Yesterday in the mail I recieved another huge package from Artscow with the rest of our Disney Cruise pictures. Luckily, things were slow today so I had time to play around and sort through them. I finally had a chance to make my little sand shaker box. Oh, to be back on the beach.....unfortunately, it wasn't enough sand to sink my toes into.

Today's Couture Cardstock Challenge was to use pastels. This backgr0und paper had the perfect elements for the challenge, and also a really good feel for the beach...the tons of seashell stickers I used helped too! The big seashell was a wooden accent piece from the clearance bin at Michaels. I tried to run some colorful fibers along the bottom of the page, but my picture barely shows that.

Okay, off to enjoy dinner and maybe a nice walk while the temps are still above 50!

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