Saturday, March 20, 2010

Couture Cardstock Challenge - March 20th:

Happy Spring??!!! long did I sleep?  I went to sleep when it was 60 degrees yesterday, and when I woke up, it was 35 degrees and snowing!  Did I sleep right through summer??  
Today's Couture Cardstock challenge was to do something "vintage".   I was so happy to get my pictures delivered yesterday with our trip to the Old Graue Mill over summer.   At the Mill, there is a small museum.  We were able to see how they made corn meal with all of the old equipment.  Up on the third floor, there are artifacts that represent life many years ago.  We were able to see furnished rooms with lots of antique furniture.  We were also able to see how a spinning wheel works and we watched them spin real wool!  
On the second floor were the costumes.  We had a total blast dressing up and role playing.  
After we toured the museum, we took a walk around the ground which hooks up with the Forest Preserve.  
I'll get to those pictures tomorrow...I hope!

I used a lot of my Nostalgiques stash for this challenge.  Scrapping today was a lot of fun!  This is what happens when the weather turns bad overnight and I'm too chicken to go out!

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