Friday, February 14, 2020


This girl certainly has "style" and loves to show it off!
Just love the sass in this photo!

I used a blue misting spray on my white background and added some blue sequins.
The blingy frame was hiding in the stash - but I knew I had it - I just had to find it!

I think the worst part of the stash is KNOWING you have the perfect embellishment, you have seen it a million times, but the moment you need it, it's no where to be found!
I have spent countless hours searching for items I know I have!
Luckily, I found it ...along with many other items I forgot I had - and will forget where they are when I need

I used this sketch - #407 - from Sketches in Thyme:

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  1. So true. Sometimes I will say to myself, this works, stop looking