Monday, February 15, 2010

My Girls

My two daughters are so different in their personalities.   One is girly and the other is more of a tomboy.  Putting them together is like trying to mix oil and water.   Only I know that deep down, they really do like and respect each other.  Jessica absolutely idolizes Brittany and wants to be just like her.  Brittany likes to act like Jessica is just an annoying little sister, but I know she likes the fact that her little sister is following her intellectual footsteps.  Both of my girls exceed amazingly well in school.  Artistically, they are 2 of the most creative girls I know.  Brittany is an awesome artist and loves to sit in her room and draw all day.  Jessica is an aspiring scrapbooker and she loves to write stories.  
These girls think they have everyone fooled that they are sibling rivals.....but a Mom can see the sibling love between these two girls!
I love them both with all my heart and I couldn't be more proud of them!!


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