Monday, February 8, 2010

Getting over it.....

Every once in a while things in my life seem to get a little off track.  Okay, way off track.  There is no defined moment when this occurs.  Things just change over time and when I stop to reflect on my life, I realize there are things that I am just not happy with.  A favorite quote of mine is "Your life is what YOU make of it".  So in order to have the life that I want, I need to get rid of the negativity.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it makes this worse.  But I never know till I try.  
I use my scrapbooking as my therapy.  I love to take pictures of things in my life that I, vacations, parties, holidays...lots of different things.  But then life throws me a curve and looking at pictures and trying to scrap them, doesn't work for me.  I can't enjoy working with pictures that bring up bad thoughts.  It kinda works against the whole theory of making me happier.  Not that I didn't enjoy the moment, just that things changed later on and looking at the pictures dredges up all the thoughts of "WHY?"  "HOW?"...and the never answered question of "WHOSE FAULT IS IT?".   
I try really hard to keep current on all my pages and pictures.  So for me to keep tossing pictures aside...for 2 really hard to do.  But if it doesn't bring me joy, I just can't put myself in that position.  I'm done letting in the negative feelings.  Positive focus from now on!!
So whatever it takes to move on....I'm doing it.  I finally brought myself to make amends with the past.  Now I can scrap those pictures of those GOOD times with joy, laughter and fond, funny memories.  Looking forward to many more good times and MANY more pictures to keep those memories alive!

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