Saturday, July 31, 2010

Scrappy-crappy weekend

Well, I had INTENDED on not doing too much this weekend.  I had a few loads of laundry to do.  One or two quick trips with the kids.  Then I planned on scrapping and organizing the rest of the weekend.  
So last night, I decided to move my paper stash around a bit.  I use the shelves above the dryer for lots of storage.  I don't have a scraproom, I have a corner, so I make use of every little spot I can find.  The shelves are up and out of everyone's way, nothing gets damaged and I am a happy camper.  As I was moving things around, I noticed that one of the shelves was warped.  I asked hubby to check it out.  As he removed the shelf to flip it over (his way of "fixing" things), the whole bracket slid right out of the wall!  It turns out SOMETHING is leaking SOMEWHERE and the whole wall is damaged.  There is water coming from somewhere and it's leaking behind the wall, so I never noticed it.  LUCKILY!  If any of my paper got damaged, you would have heard the  Okay....not so "lol".  It would have been ugly around here. I have to take all my stuff off of the remaining shelves, find somewhere to put it temporarily (yeah, right), take down the rest of the shelves and start ripping out the wall to find out where the water is coming from.  We did a quick inspection and we THINK we have a good idea, but the wall still needs to come down and be replaced.  So now my scrapping corner is a complete disaster.  Hubby had to go take care of some things today, so I'm happy that he won't be here to meddle in my reorganization of the room.  His 10 minutes of input this morning almost caused a riot.  His not understanding that this is a TEMPORARY situation kinda scares me....I'm hoping to have this resolved this weekend.  But having to rely on others really throws a monkey wrench into those plans.  
Anyway....I put this page together really quick.   I had to wait until hubby left before I could actually move things around.  It helps to save my sanity.  
I saw a reminder that I have until today to finish up my sketch challenges for Creative Scrappers.  I can't believe it's the end of July already!  
This is sketch #113.
I used the Basic Grey Granola kit for the whole page.  I was so happy to grab a kit and put together a whole page without searching through tons of stuff....which is literally everywhere right now.

Off to figure out what to do and work on some disaster control.  Wish me luck!

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